Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush Head (Gum Care)
Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush Head (Gum Care)
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  • Brushing your teeth may seem like a small thing, but it has a surprisingly large impact on our everyday lives. Good brushing habits don't only produce a healthier smile, they help us face the world with confidence. How can we improve the health of our teeth and create a beautiful, confident smile? Let the Mi Electric Toothbrush provide you with a brand new solution!
  • High-efficiency Magnetic Levitation Sonic Motor A great electric toothbrush has not only high-frequency vibration, but also exceptional power. The high-efficiency magnetic levitation sonic motor developed by German and Japanese experts vibrates over 31,000 times/minute and has a torque of over 230gf.cm.
  • This means that power not only remains concentrated in its high-frequency vibrations, but also that it's more efficiently transfered directly to the brush head. Even when it's up against your teeth, the brush head maintains its power, and the water and toothpaste bubbles in your mouth form tiny pulses that clean powerfully.
  • The brush fully penetrates the gaps between teeth, removing plaque and achieving a deeper clean than a manual toothbrush alone. An Intelligent, Easy-to-use Electric Toothbrush Three different modes, choose the one that's right for you. The on/off button on the Mi Electric Toothbrush can be used to switch between Standard mode,
  • Gentle mode and Customized. Users can choose the brush mode that best suits their daily teeth cleaning needs. App Connectivity for Customized Brushing Our customization feature allows you to set your own brush time, brush strength, and a variety of oral care functions best suited to your diet and daily brushing habits. Through the settings, you can also upgrade your modes and features to meet an even larger variety of teeth cleaning needs.
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